Prophetic Focus for the Month of March is: GOD’S PLAN FOR ME IS IN HIS BOOK – Is. 29:11-12

1.     Welcome into this Special Communion service. Every troubler of your destiny shall be avenged by the blood of Jesus Christ today in Jesus name.

2.    All new converts and first time worshippers are admonished to attend the BELIEVERS’ FOUNDATION & MEMBERSHIP CLASS tomorrow evening at designated centres listed in the announcement bulletin. Time: 5.00pm.

3.    Every member is admonished to be in daily attendance of the COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER which holds from Monday to Saturday at Goshen and other prayer centres listed in the announcement bulletin. Time: 5:30am daily

4.   Next Wednesday, we gather before the Lord in a fast to receive empowerment for all round fruitfulness in all areas of our lives via the Communion table. Come along with your converts and invitees. Time: 6.00pm.

5.    PRAISE THE LORD. Next Saturday shall be our Operation Andrew District soul winning outreach. All members are admonished to participate at the various districts. Time. 7:00a.m

6.   Every worshipper is admonished to join other brethren at next Saturday’s Winners’ Satellite Fellowship at the nearest cell centre. Ensure your converts and invitees attend. Time: 5.00pm.

7.       Good News! Next Sunday, we shall be gathered to break every yoke of unfruitfulness in every area of our lives via the mystery of the anointing oil. Come along with your bottle of anointing oil. Being an Operation Andrew service, every member is expected to come with at least one new soul as well as your new converts. Time: 1st Service. 6:30a.m; 2nd. 8:30a.m& 3rd. 10:30a.m.

8.       All new converts and other members yet to be baptized by immersion are enjoined to gather at the baptistery at the end of the service today. Change of clothing will be provided.

9.       Praise the Lord! The March edition of WOFBI kicks off from tomorrow Monday, 12th – Friday, 22th. Goshen Learning Centre will be hosting BCC, LCC and LDC while Asokoro, New Karu and Masaka Learning Centres will be holding BCC classes only. All who are yet to attend are admonished to obtain forms from the WOFBI office at the youth chapel. Tuition is free for all new converts and new members.

10.    Reading leads to discovery. Therefore, visit the Dominion Bookstores located around the sanctuary for purchase of books of the month and other teaching materials.

11.  Good News! The online sale of admission forms into Faith Academy network of schools is still on, closing date for registration is 6th of April. Please, visit the website, for further details.

12. All members of the Church are admonished to take advantage of the Church free transport services by arriving at the designated bus stations an hour to the service time.

13. All members are admonished to secure their Voters Registration Card so as to exercise their rights in electing right leaders into various offices come 2019 elections.

Daily Devotional

GRATITUDE | Today: 2018-03-21

By the grace of God I am what I am…

1 Corinthians 15:10


Gratitude is an attitude.

Every man of deep gratitude is a man of great altitude. 

Nothing depreciates on earth when a heart of appreciation is involved.

Gratitude means looking back with appreciation in anticipation for a better future.


Basis for Gratitude:

Correct self-appraisal.

Gratitude is natural when you realize your dependence.

Ephesians 3:8; 1 Timothy 1:12.

If God didn’t give it, you can’t have it.

1 Corinthians 4:7


Benefits of Gratitude

Spiritual lifting – John 11:41-45.

Material increase – John 6:1-11.

You can change your altitude today if you will engage an attitude of gratitude.

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