1.  My Case is Different! You are welcome to this last Sunday Service in the month of November this morning. The God of all round perfection shall visit you today in Jesus name.

2. The prophetic focus for the month is PRAISE TRIGGERS FULFILLMENT OF PROPHECY – 2Chr. 20:14-24

3. PRAISE THE LORD! SHILOH 2017 IS NINE DAYS AWAY. Every member is admonished to make use of the Shiloh 2017 prayer guidelines to intensify preparations towards an unforgettable encounter in this prophetic gathering. Also get a copy of the Shiloh expectation cards to table your request before God on the mountain of Shiloh. The theme is ‘A NEW DAWN’, and the date is from Tuesday 5th – Sunday 10th of December. You shall not miss your own encounter! Meanwhile, registration is still ongoing for all who wish to attend at Canaanland. Visit the Shiloh Planning Committee at the stands around the Church auditorium.

4.               PRE-SHILOH RALLY.  In furtherance to our preparation towards a glorious Shiloh 2017, there shall be a special rally next Saturday. All members are admonished to gather at their various District centres for this spiritual engagement. Time. 7:00a.m

5. BELIEVERS’ FOUNDATION & MEMBERSHIP CLASS. The strength of the foundation determines the life span of a building. Therefore, all new converts and first time worshippers are encouraged to attend this class tomorrow, Monday at any of the locations nearest to them as listed below: Time is 5.00pm.

6.               COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER. Come and contact fresh revival fire at the daily morning Prayer from Monday to Saturday at Goshen and other prayer centres in Asokoro, Uke (Secretariat), Uke (Bus-stop), Maraba (Kabayi), Kuchikau, Masaka (Ivory tower), Masaka (Mercyland school), New Karu, Ado (Poyi Hall)  & New Nyanya. Time: 5:30a.m daily.

7. MIDWEEK COMMUNION SERVICE. Next Wednesday being the last midweek service for the month of November, we shall wait on the Lord in a fast and gather in the evening to intercede as well as partake of the Holy Communion for the balance of blessings for the month of November. Remember to come along with your new converts and other invitees. Time: 6:00pm

8.               COVENANT DAY OF TRUMPETS. On Friday being the first day of December, we shall be gathered at the various prayer centers to commit the new month into God’s hands through high praises. Time. 5:30am

9.               WINNERS’ SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP. Every worshipper is admonished to attend WSF fellowship next Saturday at the centre closest to your home in order to enjoy brotherly love and care among the brethren. Also ensure your new converts attend. Time: 5.00pm.

10.            PRE-SHILOH SERVICE. Next Sunday, we shall be gathered to take Pre-Shiloh Encounter portion of inheritance in the Kingdom of God in a banquet with the King of Kings. You are admonished to come prepared with your prayer requests for the month as well as your new converts and other invitees. Time: 1st Service. 6:30am; 2nd Service. 8:30am& 3rd Service. 10:30am.

11.              BOOKS & OTHER TEACHING MATERIALS. Available at the Dominion Bookstores located around the sanctuary are books of the month and other edifying materials. Visit to make your purchase.  Books of the month written by Dr. David Oyedepo include: * Understanding the Power of Praise * Wonders of Praise ‘

12.            COUNSELLING/ PASTORAL CARE-LINE. Everyone in need of counseling is admonished to meet with the pastors after the service at the Kingdom Heritage Model School premises. Also, you can reach the pastors on these special dedicated telephone lines for urgent attention at any time during the week: 08127289434, 07069578065, 08152103476

13.            CHURCH TRANSPORTATION. All who desire to take advantage of the free transportation services organized by the church are required to arrive at designated bus-stops at least 30mins before the service time. Meanwhile, next Sunday a transport offering shall be raised towards facilitating the transport services. Such offerings are to be labeled “Transport Seed” and dropped along with the offering.

14.            KINGDOM INVESTMENT. Kingdom investment is key to abundance. We are therefore admonished to redeem our financial obligations such as tithes, vows, e.t.c. You shall never lack!

Jesus is Lord!!!





Daily Devotional

HOW TO ENJOY INCREASE | Today: 2017-12-17

Don’t think of what people will give to you, it reduces you.

Rather think of what to give to others; that mentality will increase you.

Receiver’s mentality puts you under but giver’s mentality creates in you superiority mentality.

Needs are met not by receiving but by giving.

Anyday, anytime, giving preceeds receiving. Lk 6:38

Wherever giving goes receiving follows.

Until you start thinking of the next person to bless that is a deep expression of your stewardship.

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